The 10 Best Ways to Find Stock Research on Nifty

The 10 Best Ways to Find Stock Research on Nifty

Stock Research for Nifty is not always easy to find. Online, you can find many high-quality websites offering stock research and analysis for the Nifty index, but they are in short supply. We have made a list of the 10 best ways to find stock research on Nifty so that your search is as narrow and efficient as possible. Nifty is a comprehensive online research service for the Indian equities market with in-depth coverage of stocks, companies, sectors, and economic data. Nifty’s award-winning user interface and robust set of analysis tools help you find the best stocks to buy and sell.


How to Find Stock Research on Nifty

Nifty has a considerable amount of free content available. You can find all the information you need on stock research on Nifty in their market news section. This section contains news on many of the biggest companies in India. In-depth company reports and the latest economic data are available here as well. Nifty also has two other great sections: the Stock Market Explorer and the Live Story Search. The Stock Market Explorer gives you a visual representation of the Nifty index. You can select stocks in this area and see their current performance, historical performance, and performance relative to their peers. You can also use this feature to select stocks that are high risk and low risk.


What is Nifty?

Nifty is India’s largest and most comprehensive online research service for the Indian equities market, offering in-depth analysis of stocks, companies, sectors, and economic data. Every month, the company publishes daily updated lists of the Top 10 stocks from each stock sector, as well as one or more lists of the best stocks to buy and sell in each industry, such as consumer, infrastructure, industrials, IT, and financials. There are two different sets of research and analysis. The Big 10 Stock Reports are very comprehensive and comprehensive, covering more than a dozen Nifty stocks at a time. The Most Popular Picks and Tech Picks lists provide quick, summary coverage of 10 stocks each from different sectors each week.


Compare the top 10 ways to find stock research on Nifty

#1 Nifty Insider Blogs The Insider Blogs list contains the best research and advice available on Nifty, covering all aspects of the market. This research is particularly insightful as it is posted by those with real-world experience in the market. All these blogs are updated daily so you are always in the know. “Good research is based on fact, but great research is based on experience.” – Rajiv Mehta Our first pick is Rajiv Mehta’s blog. Mehta was one of the pioneers in Nifty stock research, and it’s fair to say he knows his stuff. He manages to have deep knowledge of each company, sector, and economy. Mehta’s blog will teach you everything about how Nifty works, while also teaching you how to trade and make the most of it.



We would like to see more investment management companies engage in greater transparency regarding how research is funded. We are also curious about how newsreaders and followers are affected by this funding practice. Please stay tuned to Value Investor’s Edge for further analysis on the funding practices of the Indian market, and for more in-depth coverage on the Indian market. 

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